Police Chief - Deborah Hopkins
(989) 856- 3304
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 Outside Assembly - Entertainment
Planning an event with outside entertainment?
Call Chief Hopkins for your permit 989 856 3304.
Michigan Seat Belt Law
Children under 4 MUST be in a safety seat in the vehicle for both front and back seats. Ages 4 - 15 must wear seat belt in vehicle (front and back seat).Under 8 and 4' 9" must be in approved booster seat. Ages 16 and older A seat belt is required in the front seat.
Street parking is allowed except between the hours of 3am and 5am (Winter Dec.- March 2:30am - 6:00am) There is no overnight parking allowed in municipal lots.
Vendor Permits
Applicants are limited to 2 permits per calendar year.There is a $500 filing fee ("City of Caseville") for each permit. Applications must be submitted to the Chief of Police a minimum of 30 days prior to the sale date. If food handling is involved,then a Huron County Health Dept. permit must be obtained at least 10 days prior to the application filing. The property owner has to provide in writing,permission for the vendor to use a specific
lot for vending. Contact Chief Hopkins for further details.
Traffic Enforcement Program
The City Police Dept participates in the Highway Safety Planning's programs for seat belt enforcement and alcohol related driving.

Use of RVs as temporary living quarters on residential property –
(eg. guests in RVs park in the driveway & camp out during their stay) Campers,travel trailers, motorized homes, trailers of any type and boats may be parked or stored outdoors in any zoning district on occupied lots subject to listed requirements including: Not more than one camper, travel trailer or boat may be parked on a lot of record which is zoned and used for residential purposes; It also states that if parked or stored,
it may be used for temporary living, lodging or housekeeping purposes for no more than a total of fourteen days per calendar year.